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hi, I'm Manon, student into graphic design and web developpement, here I share my creations, my projects, my photos; my universe.

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Etudiante en 1ère année de mastère

Who am I ?

A designer

Since childhooh I'm attracted about drawing in general, and then I started to be interrested into web development.At the beginning of middle school, I started learning basics about HTMl and CSS. Then I grew up and I discovered Adobe's softwares, design, graphism... In high school I was already convinced of what I wanted to be later; do graphic design and mix my passions for drawing and coding.
Today I'm in 1st year of mastery in graphic design, and I'm still enjoying and doing what I like, waking up smiling to go practice my passion. I link my differents passions, and things I like to create little by little my world, my universe.

  • A shot

    My photos

    More than a passion, it's a way to see life, keeping uniques moments. It's this kind of photography I like, I share and I do; instants, memories, moments. A bit of melancholy, nostalgia, pastel's colors and white, much of white; purity, innocence, movements of everyday life.

  • A job

    My projects

    Today, student into a web and graphic design school, I fulfill differents projects for school, personnal, freelance, into many domains, but what I like the most is layouting, branding creation, web site creation (from the design to the code) and photography. And I'd like to improve myself in illustration.

  • Graphic design student

    My blog

    My stories

    Discover my travels, photos, passions, stories, projects... everything I share.

  • Travel, Japan and history

    My passions

    I like so many things, and here, you can discover my creations on differents domains, however, my world is composed of many influences. Japan, firstly, for their heritage, history, the contrast betwwen city old and modern, whacky side of Japanese and at the same time their legendary serious, their gastronomy, culture of mangas, animes, dramas, musics... Travels, than I'm waiting for since years, to go and discover civilizations of Asia and South Amrica. Arts, photography, drawing, painting, architecture... And share between everyone, ethnicities, countries...

  • Student in graphic design